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How To Make Money Removing Viruses And Spyware – Using Totally

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How Would You Like To Learn The Simple Methods I Use To Completely Remove Viruses And Spyware? (There Is A Little More To It Than Just Running Some Scanning Software.)

If you can remove all Viruses and Spyware without formating you computer. You dont lose data because you forgot to backup something. So this would really be a good idea to learn.

Did you know?

* Simple little downloads you do to add a feature to your computer (like Weatherbug, which puts the temperature and weather in your system tray) can slow a system way down.

* If you download music from mp3 sharing sites it can give hackers a wide open door to your personal information.

* The average life of an unprotected system on the internet is 16 minutes according to various surveys done by anti-virus software companies.

* The emails you receive (even from people you know) can be infected with viruses.

* Viruses can send infected emails from your computer to all of your mailing list, with your name on it.

* If you’re running ant-virus software alone, it usually does not keep your system from becoming infected. It may detect the virus after your system is already compromised. A firewall is required to make your system invisible to hackers. The spyware program I recommend also can keep your system from becoming infected with viruses before they do damage.

* With the most popular paid software, all you can do is run a scan and hope for the best. The free software has additional features that allows you to get rid of many problems interactively, so you know everything is fixed. It even gives you detailed information on what it finds.

* Most of the windows XP systems I have cleaned do not have the firewall enabled. Many people don’t even know how to turn it on.

There are three free software packages
This shows you how to make over $100 per hour by completely removing viruses and spyware, using free software.

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