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Fix you broke IPhone

Fix your IPhone or your Money Back! No Questions Asked.

Our One Year Membership Includes:

* Easy To Follow Step By Step Instructions in PDF format.
* Complete Pictures To Go Along With The Instructions.
* Ability to fix you own Iphone or go into your own business fixing other people Iphones.
* Full Online Support If Needed To Help You.
* Instant Download Access
* Access to Textbook/ Picture Tutorial Guides
* Iphone Repair Resources
* Where to get your tools and parts to repair your Iphone
* 24/7 Technical Support
* And Much More…

“i dropped my phone and cracked my screen. i took it to the apple store and they want to charge me the price of the actual phone to fix a screen…. i was so fustrated, but i found this repair guide and was impressed that it was cheap. I fixed my phone good as new! definitely recommend this guide to anyone!”

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